Eyebrow Embroidering 

Self confidence is not depending only on scalp hair, but hair in other area is the component of overall beauty such as eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. Without them, symbol of beautifulness is lack of proportion. In feng shui, when some component is missing, that means they are losing balance which leads to other negative effects (in luck, emotion, fortune, power, etc.). Beautifulness can be fixed in feng shui principal by designing and adjusting those components (for example, eyebrows). At Kesa Hair Solution, we have a personal eyebrows design service which is in accordance with feng shui and fashion nowadays.

To choose the best hair clinic from many hair service providers, customer needs to know how the clinic serves their patient, quality of staff, tools, cleanliness and more to concern. If you are looking for eyebrow tattooing, beautician must be experienced and the micro pigment should be a specific type of material that suitable for tattooing. For your own safety, tools and pigment should be clean and one-time use and the pigment should not include the metal as an ingredient to prevent any infection and other side effect. At Kesa Hair Solution, you will get a service and care by our professional staffs which are trusted by international department. Biotouch is an industry leader in a field of permanent make up from USA and first provider in Thailand that using medical procedure in permanent make up process to ensure that our customer will get the best quality of service.

Permanent Make up Eyebrow Tattooing

Well-designed and refined technique by lining each hair of eyebrow until it’s done. Make it look realistic and dimensional even no makeup applied. Improve your personality with a natural eyebrow style that you can design.

Eyebrow Embroidering

Another option of eyebrow tattooing which contains some spread of color pigment like your natural eyebrow with makeup without using any cosmetic. For those who need to be always outstanding and saving time.