Fellow member of WFI Institute

Fellow member of World FUE Institute 

KESA Clinic would like to congratulate to  3 of KESA doctors who have been certified as “Fellow Members” of the world-class hair transplant institute, World FUE Institute (WFI).

  1. Dr.Yada Suwannasing
  2. Dr.Nattawee  Pattrapornviroj
  3. Dr.Dusadeewan Panya

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ABOUT THE World FUE Institute (WFI)           

The institute is based in Europe insuring international accessibility, continual state-of-the-art educational support and encouragement to medical professionals not only in the Mediterranean basin, but also throughout the world.

            The World FUE Institute’s objectives are to educate medical professionals worldwide in the current methodology and application of FUE techniques while encouraging inspirational new ideas, evoking profound insights and encouraging creative and ingenious innovation.

             The goals of the World FUE Institute are to provide physicians and their surgical assistants worldwide with the necessary educational tools and applications to perform professional FUE procedures in their respective countries with knowledge, confidence, precision and artistry thereby maintaining professional standards and advancement within the field.

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Fellow Membership Requirements

  • Must have a medical diploma as an M.D.
  • Professional and expert surgical skills in FUE
  • Must be a licensed physician to practice medicine in his/her own country.
  • Must demonstrate that he/she obtained the training and education to consistently practice FUE techniques in his/her surgeries.
  • Must have a minimum three (3) years practical experience in the field.
  • Membership by Governing Board invitation only.

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How is a Fellow member different from a General member?

  • Fellow members must have at least 3 years of hair transplant experience, but in the case of General members, 3 years of experience is not required.
  • Fellow members must show evidence that they have received training and have continuously developed hair transplant knowledge.
  • Fellow members must be accepted and invited by Governing Board invitation only.

 Certificate of Fellow Membership

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