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beard transplant

Beard transplant include mustache transplant and sideburn transplant are the same principle as hair transplants. is to move the hair roots from the strongback area to transplant on the desired area. Kesa Clinic offers beard and sideburns transplantation with NNN technique with details and unique elaboration that is different from other transplantation technique as follows 

NNN : Natural 

  • Mustache, beard, sideburns design based on natural principles based on the face structure, age, and needs of the patient as a design criterion.
  • Mustache, beard, sideburns design has a wavy line (Irregular line) design for a natural result, in the case of patients who want to have a straight line, not wavy, so that the growing beard line looks sharp. It’s like when you shave your beard, you can design a mustache shape with your doctor.
  • The natural grafting direction and grafting degree are different from hair transplantation. It must be planted as close to the skin as possible. Transplant the graph in the natural direction of the mustache, beard, and sideburns.
  • Used density depends on the intensity that the patient needs. However, the density of the sideburns should also mess with the density of other areas of hair, such as eyebrows and hair. Otherwise, it will look unnatural.

beard transplant

NNN : Nano graft

 All grafts used in mustache, beard, and sideburns must be trimmed into a single hair (1 hair) to mimic the natural hair around the mustache, beard, and sideburns, usually single. making the results look natural.

NNN : New innovations

NNN technique uses the world’s best hair follicle extraction technology, Trivellini and Dr.UGraft  calles “Hybid machine type”, imported from abroad. the most With intelligent punch head technology .This reduces grafts tissue trauma while extraction. Therefore, the  grafts are of high quality, not bruised, resulting in the highest graft survival rate. The size of the drill head used to penetrate the hair roots in the back is extra small, 0.6-0.8 mm, causing the back wound to be smaller, less traumatic, and faster recovery within 3  days after hair transplantation. Moreover, the back wound will start to close and wholly heal at 1 week, allowing the patient to be able to live everyday life in a short time.

Long-term better wounds healing because the NNN technique extract the hair follicles with a special technique. This technique makes the wound on the back evenly distributed. Makes the scar look smaller even if the hair is cut short. The extraction process , doctor will carefully calculate the number of grafts that need to be extractes. To avoid complications from excessive hair follicle penetration (Over-harvested) makes the wound after penetrating the hair roots smooth and even. blend with original hair The hair at the back is not thin, it disappears into a square hole.

Beard transplant wound care


Operation time for Mustache Beard transplant

Depends on the area where it is planted. In the case of not much space, growing only mustaches/sideburns takes about 2-4 hours. In the case of a full mustache, beard, sideburns, it takes 8-10 hours due to the need for a large volume of grafts.

Mustache, beard transplant preparation

 If there is a medication used regularly, always inform the doctor to consider stopping certain drugs before growing a mustache, beard, and sideburn.

  1. Refrain from vitamin supplements, fish oil, ginkgo, vitamin E, ginseng, garlic 1 month before hair transplantation.
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking 2 weeks before mustache, beard, sideburns.
  3. 1 week before planting Refrain from shaving the beard. Because the doctor wants to know the direction and shape of the old sideburns beard.

At day of transplantation

  1. Eat breakfast as usual, except for caffeinated beverages.
  2. Wash and dry your hair before coming to the clinic.
  3. Wear a button-down shirt.
  4. Arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes before your appointment.
  5. See a doctor draw the exact mustache, beard, sideburns line again.
  6. Haircut before entering the service
  7. Injection of anesthesia, mustache, and beard transplant procedure takes approximately 4-6 hours.
  8. After transplating mustache and beard, Jon should not drive back by himself, call TAXI or have a driver for you.

Mustache, beard  transplant aftercare

  1.  Stop brushing your teeth for 24 hours. Use a gentle mouthwash instead.
  2. Must take good care of cleanliness Because the mouth area is quite a germ. It is recommended to gargle and clean the planting area after every meal during the first 7 days.
  3. Eat liquid food that does not require chewing is recommended. Drink water using a straw for the first 3 days.
  4. Be careful not to drop the graph by avoiding frequent mouth movements. Avoid talking wide mouth and laugh or smile.
  5. Should lie on your back, do not lie on your stomach/side. At bedtime, use a rolled-up towel on the nape under the headband. To support the floating wound, not affect the pillow and sleep with the head slightly elevated, after 2 weeks, can sleep as usual.
  6. If there is a lot of bleeding in the area where the beard grows, the transplanted graph may be dropped. Use clean gauze to press on the bleeding area for 3-5 minutes. Press it again for another 5-10 minutes if it doesn’t stop. If it doesn’t stop, call. consult a doctor or nurse
  7. There may be swelling around the cheeks and lips after the mustache, beard, and sideburns. Most of the swelling is not much. And it will heal itself within 5 days. If swelling occurs, use Cold Pack to compress the swollen area. Do not let it touch the area of ​​the hair cells (graft) that have been planted.
  8. If itching, do not scratch or peel, may gently pat, cold compress, wash your hair. or take anti-itch medicine
  9. Do not drink alcohol of any kind for 48 hours.
  10. Avoid hot weather and sunlight in the first week after surgery.
  11. Refrain from vigorous exercise/swimming/sauna for 1 month.
  12. During the first 2 weeks after the mustache, beard, sideburns, should be careful not to touch the planted area. Also, be careful not to let the mustache, beard, sideburns hit any solid.
  13. Able to begin trimming mustache, beard, sideburns 14 days after surgery.
  14. Wear a mask from 1-2 weeks after transplanting.

Beard transplant aftercare 

Mustach Beard transplant wound care 

  • It is recommended to clean the planting area every time with saline after eating during the first week.
  • After 1 week, use facial cleansing foam to create foam. Use your fingertips to lightly touch the area where the mustache, beard, and sideburns are grown. Do not rub and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off with water carefully. Use a clean cloth to gently blot, do not rub.
  • After 2 weeks, use coconut oil to marinate for 30 minutes and gently rub off the scabs.
  • After growing mustache, beard, sideburns 2 weeks, start gently rubbing the area that can be grown. 3rd week, start rubbing harder. And you can wash your face normally after 1 month.

Before & After outcome

Beard transplant

Mustache Transplant

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