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Hair transplant in scar  is the process of transplanting the hair roots into the area where the scar has already formed. The body’s wound repair process causes the mechanism of scars. After the wound has occurred, The body will have a process for adjusting the wound back to its normal state as possible. This production of different types of collagen is called the “Remodeling phase”.

The wound healing process takes six months to one year to change until the scar becomes stable, called a mature scar, which will have a skin strength of 80% of normal skin condition. Hair transplant over scars The procedure is the same as for hair transplantation, which involves drilling into the healthy hair follicles at the back of scalp. Then put the grafts in the scar, but the growing rate of hair over the scar is differ from general hair transplantation.

Hair transplant in scar 

Limitation of hair transplant in scar

  • The scar need to take a time to stabilize (Mature scar), which takes approximately 6-12 months, before considering hair transplant in scar.
  • The grafts have lower survival rate because the blood circulation under the scar is less than the normal surface area.
  • Hair transplant in scar should not implant high density within one time. Clinic recommend low density in the first operation then wait to re-implant in 1 year to make more density.

Area of hair transplant in scar

  • Scars on the scalp
  • Scars on the face, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard.

Hair transplant in scar 

Hair transplant in scar 

Type of scar can perform hair transplant

  • Scars from cosmetic surgery such as forehead augmentation and facelift.
  • Scars from surgery, such as brain surgery
  • Accident scars
  • Scars from heat exposure, such as fire or scald.

Case review of Hair transplant in scar due to complication of cosmetic surgery

Hair transplant in scar 

 Hair transplant in scar 


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