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In the present era, medical technology has developed a lot; many people who have problems with thinning hair and visual baldness are starting to find permanent plastic surgery to solve their baldness problem or, in some people, do not even need to have a problem with thinning hair. But they need permanent hair transplants to reshape their face ratio. Using the FUE hair method is a power and has been talked about again. In this article, the doctor will explain it. There are various methods of permanent hair growth, along with the pros and cons of each technique.

Currently, permanent hair transplant surgery, according to the definition of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), has two international methods: FUT and FUE. Both methods are different in the process of obtaining the graft from the Back area (Donor site)


FUT method 

FUT, an abbreviation Follicular unit transplantation. It is a method of growing hair by surgically removing long pieces of the back of the scalp. Also known as Strip, the graft is cut into small clumps called “grafts” and then planted in the desired area. The grafts that are grown can be either short hair or long hair.

Advantages of FUT method

  • Get a large number of grafts. The highest number is approximately 5000-8000 grafts/session.
  • Suitable for people who don’t want to cut their hair short, such as women.
  • Suitable for people who have thinning hair and baldness in the advance stage with not much hair remaining at the back (Advanced stage of androgenic alopecia).

Disadvantages of FUT method

  • The scar will be a long line along the back of the hair. It makes it impossible to cut your hair short.
  • Not suitable for occupations that require cutting hair short all the time, such as soldiers, police, or people in uniform.
  • There is a chance of hypertrophic  scar/Stretched scar in some people, which can cause confidence problems.
  • If you do operation with non-professional surgeon, severe complications can occur such as deep nerve injury and severe infection of the scalp.

FUE method

FUE, an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction, is a method of harvesting the hair follicle at a time from the back and side of the scalp(Donor area).Then, take the obtained graft and plant it in the desired area. Grafts characteristics and preparation of the background area from the FUE method can be divided into sub-processes as follows.

  • Shaven FUE

    Shaven FUE is the method to extract the hair roots one by one. By cutting the hair short in the back and piercing the hair roots to make a short hair grafts.

Advantages of Shaven FUE

  • The doctor can see a wide area of ​​the back. It makes the penetration of the hair roots evenly distributed in every area. Consistent Makes the wound more beautiful in the long run. Suitable for people who want to cut their hair short, such as military and police occupations. And a short hairstyle
  • Compared to other type of FUE method, it takes the shortest time to extract the hair follicles.
  • Get a large number of grafts. This is suitable for people who require more than 2000 grafts. Therefore, it is ideal for men with a lot of hair receding and women who undergo hair transplants for facial reshaping, which usually requires more than 2000 grafts.
  • It can be planted at maximum density. Because the resulting graft will be a short stump, it can be planted closer together. In addition, it is easier to direct, resulting in tight results close to natural hair density.
  • It’s easier to clean up after a hair transplant. 

Disadvantages of Shaven FUE

  • Shaven FUE need to cut hair short. In the case of men, the wound on the back will be completely dry, and the hair roots will begin to grow to cover the wound within two weeks. In the case of women, the hair clinic has a technique for cutting hair to hide the wound, making the wound on the back invisible.

Microstrip shaving fueMicrostrip shaving

  • Non-shaven FUE  

          Non shaven FUE  involves moving the hair roots without cutting the hair short. The resulting hair root will be a short stump.

Advantages of Non Shaven FUE

  • It suits people who don’t want to cut their hair short.
  • Suitable for people who use a small number of grafts, Our clinic can perform Non shaven FUE in the case that need grafts less than 2,000 grafts .
  • It can be planted at high density like Shaven FUE planting because the resulting graft will be a short stump, allowing it to be planted closer together. In addition, it is easier to direct, resulting in tight results close to natural hair density.

Disadvantages of Non  Shaven FUE

  • It is a more expensive hair transplant method than Shaven FUE.
  • It takes longer operation time to complete than Shaven FUE.
  • It is not suitable for people who need to use a large amount of hair roots such as more than 3000 grafts.
  • Long hair FUE

Long hair FUE involves moving the hair roots without cutting the hair short. The resulting hair roots will be long hair.

Advantages of Long hair FUE

  • No need to cut hair. Suitable for people who cannot cut their hair short.
  • The service recipient can see the final results immediately (Finished look), which creates satisfaction and increases the confidence of the service recipient quite a lot.
  • Suitable for people who use a small amount of grafts.
  • Long hair FUE hair transplantation is recommended for eyebrow transplants because it shows the correct curve of the hair roots. The results will look more natural than Shaven FUE eyebrow transplants.

Disadvantages of Long hair  FUE

  • It is the most expensive method of hair transplantation because it takes a long time operation.
  • It is not suitable for people who use a lot of grafts.
  • It takes the longest time. Drilling the hair roots using Shave FUE takes approximately three times the time.
  • The density is the lowest when compared to other FUE hair transplants method. 
  • Cleaning after a hair transplant requires extreme caution. Because long hair grafts may get tangled, causing the grafts to fall off in the first three days.
  • Two weeks after the hair transplant, the implanted grafts can shed hair, also known as shock loss process, just like other hair transplant methods.

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