The Innovation of hair roots nourishing at DP Cell level

PlacenTech is an innovation for nourishing hair roots by extracting and cultivating proteins in the laboratory through medical safety standards. Until getting a protein called “PIGF” that consists of essential growth factors. PIGF has been researched to help stimulate hair growth through various following mechanisms.

  • Increase the number and stimulate the function of the DP cell (Dermal papilla cell), which is the most essential cell for creating hair, causing to stimulate stem cells of the hair follicles to work all the time.
  • Stimulates the circulatory system in the hair follicle cells. (Angiogenesis) causes the stimulation of hair growth.
  • Stimulates hair growth (Anagen phase) to last longer and reduce hair loss. 
  • Stimulates the activity of white blood cells (Macrophage) that contribute to hair growth.
  • Slow down the degeneration of hair follicle cells (Anti-Aging effect).


What is DP cell and how is it important for hair growth?



Who is Placentech suitable for?

  • PlacenTech is suitable for people who have problems with hair loss, thinning hair in moderate to severe levels. PlacenTech also ideal for deeply nourishing hair roots at the DP cell level.

Recommended to spray PlacenTech once a month, you will start to see changes after 6 times of using. After satisfactory results, recommended to spray every 3-6 months to nourish hair roots to be strong. Doctors generally recommend PlacenTech injections along with standard therapy to enhance treatment.



PlacenTech VS PRP/PRF



Latest Injector from Korea

Inject hair roots with Hycook injector. 

Able to adjust the needle depth to the millimeter level and precisely determine drug’s dosage.

  • The special needle can spray PlacenTech evenly into the hair roots.
  • 9 needles per injection point. The injection technique causes superficial injuries throughout the scalp, known as “Microtrauma.” The body secretes different types of substances known as “growth factors” to synergize with PlacenTech


Before PlacenTech



Results after injection of PLACENTECH PROGRAM


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