Hair PRP

To restore hair and scalp condition in good shape, we need to specify what the causes of your problem are, which might be an effect from some reason such as heredity, hormones, lifestyle, etc. At Kesa Hair Solution, you will get the best result directly from our expert by the treatment that suits you the most.

Good hair health usually depends on balanced scalp condition which is the basis of hair root. There are also a plenty of factors need to be concerned including aging, daily activities, some medicine, congenital disease, hormones, pollution, stress, climate, food and more. These are factors that affect your hair root strength which leads to hair fall, bald head problem and declining of your overall hair health. Bad hair health can be occurred not only in the elders, there is a research shown that young people under age 30 also face this problem. Hair fall and bald head problems are important issues that need to be fixed immediately. Those people who has chronic symptom are most likely to lose their confidence and personality, especially who has to work in the public and interact with other people. If you are facing those problems, find a solution or meet the experts as soon as possible, don’t wait until they are hard to cure.

Kesa Hair Solution’s treatment starts with checking and analyzing individual hair and scalp condition. Once we complete the process with hair analyzer, after that you might be questioned of your behavior to identify the causes and specify the compatible process. These are steps of our treatment work.

Prevention and Rejuvenation
Medical and Treatment
At Kesa Hair Solution, we always concern your hair fall and bald hair problem, it doesn’t matter what the cause is (also include heredity and hormone malfunction like Androgenic Alopecia, etc.), we will focus on identification, solution and prevention. Although the scalp and hair root cannot be restored to the best condition, we still find another solution for you to get the best result. We combine medical and beauty technology altogether and do our best, to ensure that our customers will satisfy and get the best result due to individual condition.

The majority reason of bald head is heredity and hormones called Androgenic Alopecia which can be occurred in both male and female. Hair loss in men mostly cause by hormone changing anagen hair into catagen hair which makes the new hair growth slower and thinner than usual until they don’t growth anymore. Other symptoms we found in common are inflamed scalp (seborrheic dermatitis), scalp fungus (tinea capitis), hair fall in round patch (alopecia areata), thyroid disease (thyrotoxicosis), lack of iron nutrient (iron deficiency) and hair loss after delivering (postpartum telogen effluvium). Besides, there are causes that occurred by eating behavior like deficiency of hair and scalp nutrient (protein from egg yolk, nut, green vegetable, lycopene, calcium, zinc, collagen, etc.). Foodstuff with strong flavor (too spicy, sweet, salty) and some with contamination will cause hair loss too. To prevent this, you might need to change some habit and get some supplement to nourish hair root and scalp. Lifestyle is one of the causes we found declining hair health. Stress, smoking, living in the polluted area, drinking alcohol and some drug are needed to be concern alongside with some habit which unconsciously damage your hair health such as washing hair with warm water, using hair dryer too often, sleeping while the hair still wet or washing hair too frequently. You need to treat your hair and scalp in the right way to balance and maintain overall hair health

Bald hair due to heredity and hormones (androgenic alopecia male & female pattern)
Fungus on scalp (tinea capitis)
Hair loss from inflamed scalp (seborrheic dermatitis)
Spot of baldness (alopecia areata)
Our services in hair restoration category

1. Hair Rejuvenetion Treatment – increase the amount of food supplement by injecting vitamins into patient’s scalp to directly nourish the hair root, strengthen the root and stimulate new hair growth compensation. We suggest you to get this treatment at least once a week in the starting month, once every two week in the next 2 month and once a month after that in long term.

2. Hair Root Cells PRP – a treatment using patient’s own blood cell through scientific method to nourish the hair root. Patient needs to follow the doctor’s advice to get the continuous care in order and best result.

3. Low Level Laser Therapy – Using of low level diode laser device can stimulate the growth of hair root. This technology is designed by France expert. We suggest taking 25-30 minutes per use, at least twice a month or follow the doctor’s order. Hair root stimulation by this method might need a continuous care.

4. Standard Medicine – Suitable for bald head and hair loss due to heredity and hormone

5. Specific Hair Health Care – Particular symptom needs a specific treatment including inflamed scalp (seborrheic dermatitis), spot of baldness (alopecia areata), fungus on scalp (tinea capitis) and hair loss due to delivering (postpartum telogen effluvium)

6. Vitamin and External Medicine under doctor’s instruction

Group of medicine that stimulates new hair growth

Group of vitamin that nourishes, strengthens hair root and stimulates hair growth

Vitamin C
Brewer’s Yeast
Calcium Vitamin B
7. Detox Hair and Scalp Treatment – A treatment from Kesa Hair Solution that helps you clean your hair and reduce oiliness with natural and mild product will remove any chemical stain on scalp such as shampoo, gel, foam or from other hair product which is the reason of scalp oiliness and blocked pore. When the hair root doesn’t get enough oxygen and space, nutrient cannot be absorbed at full efficiency and might cause serious problem. Detoxification is what you need to restore balance and maintain your hair health. Moreover, the process also improve the result of vitamin and other treatment performance such as hair growth stimulation, anti aging, strengthening hair root, oiliness removal and hair loss reduction. This treatment can be done every week.