Follicular Unit Extraction: FUE

Hair root transplantation with FUE will use patient’s own hair root as the base of new hair growth by using motorized vacuum unit. This technique has good advantage of getting the new hair that healthier than the older one without operation. The process is done by getting the hair root from occipital area, transplants them in bald area and let them growth.

The reason is hair root from occipital area is most likely stronger than the center of scalp, more tolerance against external stress and male hormone. That’s why we see the hair around occipital area stays last longer than hair in other area on scalp. Fortunately, even they are transplanted in other area, the tolerance property is still.

FUE leave very less scar at occipital where the device vacuum the hair root in follicle size which hard to see even short haircut. Also need enormously less pain and recovery time than standard operation.

Before patient begins the transplantation, the doctor will examine your hair and scalp condition first to specify the amount of occipital hair root will be used. Then the patient will be informed the process before getting a treatment. FUE technique also works in other area such as eyebrow, beard and mustache. To get the best result of FUE, the doctor might have a discussion with patient before the transplantation begins.

FUE plant procedure
FUE procedure back
Follicular Unit Transplant: FUT

FUT is one of the methods which contain medical operation process by transplanting the hair root on the scalp, then stitch it back.

This technique is mostly used in patient whose problem is serious, hard to recover or hair density is not enough to treat with another method.

Those who interested in hair transplanting by this method have to discuss with the doctor to find the best solution that suits your individual condition the most.