Hair Loss, Bald Head, Keep them in Control

If you are the one who has the hair loss problem due to heredity, chemical using or loss after delivering a child. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, we are pleased to advise you how to fix them right away by the solutions below.

  1. Using a wig
    Wig is one of the easiest ways to protect deficient area on scalp. We suggest using the genuine wig which gives you a natural look. It can be washed and colored. There are many kinds of wig such as glued wig and hand-crafted wig.
  2. Using a fiber powder
    The other way to conceal bald head is using the keratin fiber powder which is normally a component of human’s genuine hair. The powder itself contains an electric charge to improve the attachment between fiber and hair. Better adhesive property, better bald head concealment.
  3. Using laser comb
    Laser comb will stimulate hair growth system by activating hair root, making the new hair grow quicker and thicker. By the way, there are many laser comb brands available. You might need to inspect the laser device efficiency before use.
  4. Getting hair nutrient
    Nowadays, a lot of supplementary products can be seen in store. We would like to suggest you to have enough nutrients which help you recover and maintain hair health such as calcium, zinc, copper, vitamin B, C and E.
  5. Using hair treatment
    Especially treatments from nature like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. The most of natural product has tender property and cause very less allergy. We also recommend hair stream technique as a treatment which improves the overall hair health.
  6. Growing up new hair
    This is one of the most popular methods for those who have the bald head problem because it is non-chemical process that grow your hair naturally without any side effect. Bring life back to your hair.

If you are looking for full service clinic that expert in hair health care, Kesa Hair Solution is the best way to recover and maintain scalp and hair. Fix the hair loss and bald head problems. We also have a wig design service that you can create the wig by your own style. Our expert team is willing to give you an advice how to recover hair issues, bring life back to damaged hair, and maintain overall hair health. Let us be your partner, bring back confidence and be lively again.